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Bob White
Lead Vocals/Acoustic Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Bob White, the BobCats namesake lead vocalist and front man, is an exceptionally gifted singer and musician who ranks as one of the Vancouver's best entertainers. His strong roots in Rock and Pop are a result of a long and distinguished career as a live and recording performer. His versatile and polished vocal abilities, relaxed and entertaining rapport with the audience as well as his considerable guitar playing abilities provide the solid center around which the other BobCats produce their full and exciting music.

Bob's career history, which follows, should provide a deeper view of how he arrived where he is at present - the "Bob" in the BobCats!!

Bob White's first experiences with performing music were as a singer in various grade school choirs in Winnipeg. He knew he could sing but it was not really his focus. It was on Sunday night February 9,1964 when Bob witnessed the Beatles' North American debut on the Ed Sullivan show that the course of his life would be given its' defining direction. Bob now wanted to play the guitar and he saved his paper route money until he had the $20.00 to buy his first acoustic nylon string guitar from Eaton's. He proceeded to do what countless other aspiring Rock&Roll guitarists have gone through and learned all the basic chord shapes and listed intently to the hits of the day and tried to figure them out.

The next step was saving for an electric guitar and amp and finding some like-minded schoolmates, similarly bitten by the Beatle bug, to form his first band - the Faction!! This was in 1965 and the band continued with some personnel changes and a name change - the Back Pages right up until 1969. The band played the local community club, school dance and church basement circuit and developed a reputation as one of the city's up and coming groups. In this time Bob developed both his guitar and vocal skills and became known as a real talent presence in the Winnipeg Rock & Roll scene.

In 1970 Bob became a full time musician and joined the prominent local band Justin Tyme. They had a record being played on the local radio stations ("Miss Felicity Grey") and were featured at the 1970 Winnipeg Rock festival ManPop which featured headline acts such as the Iron Butterfly, the Youngbloods, and Led Zeppelin. Justin Tyme was a very popular local band and Bob rose to the opportunity and shone brightly with them.

In 1972 Bob moved on and joined the Winnipeg group the Spice (formerly the Sugar and Spice when they had 3 women singers). The Spice headed out to Toronto and played clubs in and around the city for 6 months. After returning to Winnipeg, the band eventually disbanded and Bob kept busy playing with a variety of club bands over the next couple of years.

In 1976 Bob teamed up with future Loverboy bassist Scott Smith and future Streetheart guitarist/vocalist John Hannah as well as future Rocky Rolletti/LesQ drummer Harvey Kostenchuck to form Hurricane Hannah. Bob shared vocal and lead guitar duties with John Hannah. This was a great Rock band which enjoyed considerable local success and who made a road trip to Toronto to play the clubs there as well as throughout Southern Ontario. Hurricane Hannah dissolved in 1978 and Bob filled his calender doing casual club gigs again.

In 1979 Bob joined Greg Leskiw's group LesQ. Greg was a former member of the Guess Who as well as the founder of his own Winnipeg cult band Mood JgaJga. Bob worked with LesQ in the local Winnipeg bar circuit until he was given the call to join Toronto recording artist Lisa Dal Bello on an Eastern Canadian summer tour supporting Burton Cummings group. This offer was too good to turn down and Bob was on the road again!! A high point of this tour was playing the Montreal Forum.

Upon returning to Winnipeg from the Dal Bello/Cummings tour Bob settled into a freelance period (1980-82) where he moved from group to group as a sideman. He joined up with singer/songwriter Rick Neufeld as a member of Rick's Prairiedog band. Rick made a name for himself as composer of Montreal band the Bells' radio hit "It's a Moody Manitoba Morning". The Prairiedog band was a rather loose aggregation of local prominent musicians who enjoyed the freewheeling good time country rock music and the fairly frequent partying that the Prariedogs were famous for. In this freelance period Bob took up the bass guitar and played for the legendary Manitoba country singer/entertainer Ray St Germain. Over a 9 month period with Ray, he recorded all the bass parts for Ray's popular regional television show.

In 1981 Winnipeg singer/performance artist/comic Peter Jordan had a brainstorm and set about forming the ultimate Rock&Roll show group featuring the cream of Winnipeg's Pop and Rock talent backing the wild and crazy Peter Jordan (in the persona of Rocki Roletti) and proceeded to take over the Winnipeg entertainment scene. Bob was asked to join as guitarist/vocalist sharing lead and rhythm guitar duties with future BobCat Danny Casavant. The Rocki Rolletti band enjoyed CBC-TV exposure on the popular West Rock Hotel show as well as being sponsored by Molsons for the Rocki Rolleti World Tour of Winnipeg, playing a series of all the major Rock bars in town. (Peter went on to be the star of the more current CBC TV series - "It's a Living") Bob ultimately decided it was time for a change and moved to Vancouver in 1982 and joined up with recording group Stonebolt and played both in Vancouver and on the road for 6 months.

In 1983 Bob teamed up with a couple of Bryan Adams' touring sidemen - Dave Taylor on bass and Jim Wesley on drums. Along with guitarist Terry Kellog, they formed the club band Spare Parts to keep working when Adams wasn't touring. This group lasted about a year.

In the Spring of 1984 Bob was floating looking for his next gig when fate stepped in and he hooked up with his old Winnipeg buddy (and future BobCat) Danny Casavant. Together they formed the very successful musical duo Fat City. Bob sang lead and played bass and Danny played guitar and sang harmony. Using the most current technology available they added a drum machine to the mix and proceeded to work constantly until the summer of 1989. In their time together they added a drummer/vocalist in 1986 (first Chris Nordquist and then Dave Jonnson) and, on occasion, multi instrumentalist (keys/ sax/ guitar) Adam Rhoralick.

Fat City played classic Rock & Roll and enjoyed several notable high profile gigs. In 1986 they played at Expo 86 at the Waves cabaret numerous times as well as at other stages on site. In 1987 they appeared frequently as a 4 piece at the Robson Grill a popular nightspot run by members of the Irish Rovers. By the summer of 1989 they disbanded and Bob was ready for his next major gig.

From 1990 to 1998 Bob played guitar and sang with the incredible Classic Rock band the Surreal McCoys at Vancouver's notorious Roxy nightclub. They played every Sunday through Wednesday, which left Bob able to pick up weekend gigs as well. The Surreal McCoys lineup was Mike Root on drums, Dave Reimer on bass, and Mike Sicoly on keys/guitar.

Later Sicoly and Reimer were replaced with Mick Dalla-Vee on keys/guitar and Brent Knudson on bass/guitar. Future BobCat Jimmy Walker would sometimes fill in on guitar if needed.

Bob (on Bass and vocals) formed the Rockolas trio with Jimmy Walker on guitar and Mary Orban on vocals to do casual weekend gigs when he wasn't playing the Roxy.

When the Roxy gig ended in 1998 Bob did casual band gigs with the Rockolas and others as well as began doing a solo act with just himself and his acoustic guitar. This solo gig proved very successful and he did extended gigs at the Georgia Hotel lounge and the Yaletown Brewing Company.

While doing one of his solo gigs at the Dover Arms pub in 2001 fate stepped in once more and the BobCats formed initially as a trio with Bob, Danny Casavant and Jimmy Walker.

The rest is History!!!!

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