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Harvey Kostenchuk
Drums & Vocals

Harvey K would be have to be considered a true veteran of the Canadian music scene. At age 55, Harvey has been playing drums and singing in bands for 45 years. He was raised in Neepawa, Manitoba by strong Catholic parents. He was an alter boy and had intentions of being a priest until that fateful day in February 1964 with The Beatles North American debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, changed the course of his life dramatically. First he started to grow his hair. Then he began learning the lyrics to Beatles songs and singing them to girls in the schoolyard. By the fall of that year his dad bought him a second-hand drum kit for $100.00, and it was all over. Mass didn't have the same appeal. Rock and Roll was the new passion

Harvey learned his craft playing in the high school band, dance halls and pubs (before he was legally old enough to be in them) with friends, cousins and uncles. He began his TV experience at the age of 14, playing a 15 min. weekly spiritual show with the local Anglican Church minister, broadcast across South Western Manitoba. Harv also gained experience in local Neepawa bands such as "Nonsuch Incorporated", "Fingletoad Resort", and the infamous "Railroad". The members of Railroad were together for nearly 7 years before moving to Winnipeg in 1972 to launch their professional musical careers.

After 6 months in the big city, the realities of the working musician's lifestyle became very apparent and 'Railroad' disbanded, with most of the band members returning to the country. Harvey stayed in Winnipeg and began making some musical contacts in the city. He soon auditioned and was accepted as drummer for a funk/soul/R&B band called "Skin Tight". As a member of "Skin Tight", his education into the world of Black Music and it's culture was an eye opener and truly, a long way musically an culturally from his upbringing in Neepawa. The musical education was invaluable, and his time with "Skin Tight" marked the beginning of a long love affair with "Soul Music" that is evident in his playing to this very day.

The Winnipeg music scene was prosperous in the 70's, alive with pubs, clubs and of course "Socials" ( large musical events with music, food, drinks and dancing). From thursday to sunday, you had a choice of three or four Socials, featuring two or three bands at each location.

By 1974, Harvey had established himself in the local music scene and began teaching drum lessons at a popular Winnipeg music store "Guitarland", where he hooked up with guitar teachers John Hannah and Dave Wood. Along with Rob Wallace(brother of Guess Who bassist, Bill Wallace) they formed the rock band "Wood'n Hannah". Rob Wallace unfortunately had a motorcycle accident and was replaced by Scott Smith. This band received high acclaim in Winnipeg for it's original brand of dueling guitar rock. The band only lasted about a year before it morphed into "Hurricane Hannah", when Dave Wood was replaced with Bob White (future BobCat) on vocals and guitar. This change in personnel, was the beginning of a long friendship between Harvey and Bob. The band toured Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Southern Ontario until 1978. Soon after disbanding, Hannah was asked to replace Paul Dean in Streetheart, and soon after that Smith crossed paths with Dean to form Loverboy.

Harvey began to really spread his musical wings by doing freelance drumming gigs, recording sessions, radio and TV dates with anybody and everybody that called. With his previous roots in Country, Rock n' Roll and Soul/R&B Harvey soon landed another full time gig with local Blues band "Houndog". Now, with even more experience and style to his playing, Harvey could handle most musical situations with ease.

In 1979, he crossed paths with ex Guess Who members, Greg Leskiw and Bill Wallace, and along with Steve Heigi formed the band 'Les Q'. The band played extensively in Winnipeg clubs and pubs and layed down original music tracks in local recording studios.

By 1980, there were other musical opportunities available to him and so Harvey left LesQ to play with singer-songwriter Rick Neufeld ( composer of "Moody Manitoba Morning", an international hit for Montreal band, 'The Bells") and his band Prairie Dog. In Rick's band Harvey was reunited with Bob White and eventually Danny Casavant to play a prairie brand of country rock.

At a sound check at the University of Manitoba the warm-up frat band leader Peter Jordan (aka. Rocki Rolletti), jumped up to the microphone for a guest number with Prairie Dog, and after the tune said "I'm going to hire you guys one day" and not long after made good on his promise. Thus was the beginning of "The Rocki Rolletti Band" which lead to many CBC television musical variety shows and eventually their own 13 show CBC TV series called "Flamingo Hotel". They followed that by winning a Canadian CHUM Network songwriting competition. The prize was a recording session with Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin and his personal engineer "Ringo". The Rocki Rolletti Band continued for many years with many of Winnipeg's finest musicians having done time in the band including future BobCats Bob White and Danny Casavant.

At some point in the early 80's, Harvey was offered an opportunity to do a Western Canadian tour with West Coast singer songwriter and ex-Hometown Band member Shari Ulrich. This tour led to a small West Coast Tour with singer/songwriter Valdy and recording sessions with other prominent Salt Spring Island musicians. Harvey then began to divide his playing/career time between Vancouver and Winnipeg.

In 1984, while playing gigs with singer Cathy St. Germain and her band The Rage in Winnipeg, Harvey was given the opportunity to play a United Nations Tour, entertaining the Canadian Armed Forces troops on military bases in Lar and Boden Boden Germany, the Golan Heights Israel, and Nicosia Cypress.

Harvey spent 17 years in Winnipeg, playing live in pubs, clubs, concerts and doing radio and TV shows, recording sessions for artist demos and commercial record/CD releases, TV and radio commercials.

In 1989, Harvey did another Western Canadian Tour with singer Kathi McDonald (Long John Baldry, Ike and Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones) which led to his permanent relocation to Vancouver which eventually led to gigs with Long John Baldry, Jeff Healey, Jim Byrnes, Barney Bentall, Suzanne Gitzi, Angela Kelman, Joani Bye, Gary Comeau, the BigDawg Band, Damian Marshall and many others over the last 20 years on the West Coast.

Harvey has performed music for the Queen of England and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He has done shows with The Doobie Brothers, The Beach Boys, Cheap Trick, Joan Armatrading, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Loretta Lynn and many others. Most recently, besides rockin' hard with The BobCats, Harvey can be seen in Ferron's new DVD, 'Girl On A Road' playing at International Film Festivals around the world and on the Bravo Network.

Harvey K brings his many years of musical experience along with his considerable musical talents to the BobCats as it's newest member. Harv truly Rocks!!

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