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Jean Savoie
Bass & Vocals

Jean Savoie joined The BobCats band in July 2006 (see BobCats News for full story). He is a talented, seasoned professional musician and a solid, friendly down to earth person. We are happy and proud to have him as the newest BobCat. He has risen to the task of filling the shoes of the Great Jimmy Walker who departed for personal and professional reasons and will forever be BobCat alumni. So here's the story of Jean's career and how he ended up a BobCat.

Jean Savoie was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1961. He bought his first bass in 1976 and played in various high school bands until the spring of 1977, when he hooked up with his first working band at the age of 15. He began playing every Friday and Saturday with them for about a year. They were called the "REFLET" (later called "ASTASIS") and their music was Heavy Rock.

The summer of '78, Jean went on the road for 2 months playing 6 nights a week in Northwest Quebec. All the other bands had players 10 years older than Jean and from Toronto, so this was a "maturing'" time for him. This exposure to more experienced musicians and performers was a very positive learning experience for the young Jean.Going back to school the following September was difficult for Jean as he had bitten hard by the Music Bug.

From 1979 - 1982, Jean played in a series of Rock groups going through the ongoing process that musicians refer to as "paying dues" - small wages, dealing with a tough business and learning how to survive physically and musically in a less than secure field.

In the fall of 1982, Jean joined the group, "URGENT". When he got the call they were already touring 50 weeks a year. This gig lasted until 1984, at which point he joined "LUV". Jean played with them for 1 year all over Eastern Canada. In the summer of 1985, Jean moved on to the band "TOYO". This was high production! (3 techs, big sound system, etc.) The band was making relatively big cash and was hooked up with Budweiser doing big gigs with people lined up down the street in the dead of Eastern Canadian Winter. They had a good run playing "high end" clubs, but broke up in September of 1986.

In October 1986, Jean got a tip from a friend that famed 60's Montreal Rocker, Johnny Farago, had a cabaret in Miami, Florida, and needed a full time bass player for 6 nights a week solid throughout the year. This involved backing up Farago along with other great singer/entertainers such as Gerry Boulet, Jano Bergeron,and Latin Great, Manuel Tadros. This period, which lasted until 1992, was a huge learning time for Jean being exposed to real R&B and Latino music and the great Black and Latino musicians who were playing it.

In the spring of 1992, Jean moved on to being the bassist with Sea Escape Cruise Lines in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He stayed with this gig until 1995, sailing out of Miami and the Bahamas 4 nights a week. From 1995 - 2000, Jean worked full time as bassist / singer for Princess Cruises and literally travelled all over the world. In this period he worked solid, taking no time off.

In 2000 Jean took a departure from his live playing full time and studied guitar making in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Roherto-Venn School of Luthiery. In this period, he did gigs with a country band, "THE NEW BREED", in Casinos around Arizona, Nevada and California. In 2001, Jean returned to playing on the cruise ships until 2002, when he returned to Montreal for the first time in nearly 20 years. He stayed in Montreal from 2002 until September 2003. Jean then moved to Vancouver and took his time seeking out people to play with that were pro and focused. He did and continues to do recording session work, original music and, as of July 2006, he's been a BobCat!! The BobCats has provided Jean with yet another highly professional music gig that continues to expand his musical knowledge and depth.

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