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Lead Vocals/Acoustic Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Bob White, the BobCats lead vocalist, guitarist and front man, is an exceptionally gifted singer and musician who ranks as one of Vancouver's best entertainers. His strong roots in Rock and Pop have led to a long and distinguished career. His versatile vocal abilities and solid guitar playing, combined with his relaxed and entertaining rapport with the audience, provides the nucleus around which the BobCats have been producing their full and exciting sound since their inception in 2001.

Witnessing the Beatles North American debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964 was the defining moment in Bob's early youth. The "Big Bang" in music history that initiated his love of Rock n' Roll and began his 45-year career in the music business.

Bob's rich history has seen him in many pubs, clubs, casinos, concert stages and recording studios across Canada. He's played with some of the best musicians in the industry including members of The Eagles, Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Streetheart, Guess Who and others.


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Lead Electric Guitar & Keyboards, Lead & Background Vocals

Danny Casavant is the lead guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist and takes care of BobCats business. He's considered by his peers to be one of Vancouver's top guitar slingers and the cornerstone of the BobCats.

Danny also witnessed the "Big Bang" in 64', when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, the defining moment in his life when he turned the corner down the road of Rock n' Roll.

Dan's deep roots in Rock, Rockabilly, Blues, R&B, Jazz and Country, has made him a highly sought after performer, producer, studio musician, composer, educator, clinician and guitar aficionado. For 45 years Danny has been entertaining audiences all over North America, with live performances on stages in clubs, casinos, festivals and concert halls with many of the industry's top musicians and artists. He has logged many hours in the recording studio producing and performing on albums, CD's and radio and TV productions. Danny is happy at home as a founding member of the BobCats.


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Bass & Vocals

Jean Savoie is the sole contributor to BobCats bilingualism. From Sherbrooke Quebec, Jean brings 35 years of experience on bass guitar and background vocals, which was nurtured within the rich culture of the Quebec music scene. Jean's great sense of humor and friendly rapport made him a welcomed addition to the BobCats in 2006.

Jean was very young in 64' when the Beatles first came to America, but has absorbed the essence of Beatlemania by osmosis from the other Cats.

Aside from Jean's many talents on stage, he's an experienced guitar luthier and collector of bass guitars. His collection of Fender, Rickenbacker and Sadowsky basses number in the dozens. Jean enjoys having a variety of bass sounds and rotates his basses regularly with 2 or 3 on stage each night. With this arsenal of sound at his fingertips, and his roots in Rock, Pop, R&B and Latin music, Jean has entertained audiences around the world, on land and at sea.


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Drums & Vocals

Harvey K plays drums and sings background vocals. He's the newest BobCat to join the pride in 2009, bringing 45 years of experience to the band. With musical roots in Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues and Country, Harv has spent most of his life laying down grooves and singing harmonies with many successful bands and artists in Western Canada.

Harvey was also sitting in front of the TV that night in 64', and soon after bought his first set of drums and pair of Beatle boots. The drumming of Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts and others of the British Invasion have influenced Harv so much, that his drum kit is a set of vintage 1966 Ludwig Classics with the BobCats logo on the front head using the original Beatles font.

Harvey's years of experience on stage, in the recording studio and with TV and radio broadcasts have prepared him for the attention to detail that the BobCats bring to their music.


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