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BobCats Appreciation Dinner 2015 - Written by Roger Brants & Read by Audrey Brant | back to top |

So… I guess the theme here is “ All About Cats” – more specifically, these characters we know as Bobcats… so a bit of our shared  history…

I first met Danny in the mid seventies in my hometown, Edmonton. Most likely we met at the Hovel, the legendary coffee house – maybe listening quietly and attentively to folk, blues, or jazz.  But more likely we were swilling beer during one of the legendary Thursday night pub nights that subsidized the whole operation of the joint.  Whatever!   I do know that we met through a mutual friend, the late Clinton Hussey, a transplanted Winnipegger who was an early musical influence on me.  Danny at the time was attending jazz school at Grant McEwan College, where they apparently were trying to teach him music other than rock and roll.  Slipping Errol Garner in his Sweet Sixteen, and all that…

Fast forward to late 1979, and I moved to Winnipeg to play bass with Brent Parkin in the band Houndog.   I lived at the fabled Royal Albert Arms, and through the crazy scene there I met many other Winnipeg musicians, including Mssr Robert White and Mssr. Harvey Kostenchuk.  I was reacquainted with Dan, who had returned to the ‘Peg after he was discovered using a Garnet Sound Fountain, a wah-wah pedal, and various other violations of the Grant McEwan Jazz Code.  Apparently he stole a few choice licks and some very strange chord inversions, before they tossed him on the Greyhound heading toward Manitoba.

I can’t recall when I first heard Bob play, but he was always playing with somebody, all kinds of gigs.  I remember The Noof of course - Rick Neufeld & Prairie Dog, and Rocki Rolletti.  I likely heard Bob with others, but memory fails me right now…    One of my lasting memories is how generous he was, lending me his MusicMan bass when my one and only Fender was in for service.  We had barely met, as I recall, and I was just the new guy in town, so to speak. 

Harv played with Noof as well, as did Danny, and I recall Harv, Bob and Dan doing Rocki Rolletti gigs together too.  Harv at one point was the drummer in Houndog – we played many a shuffle together, and discovered we share the same birthday –when we flew out to do the Edmonton Folk Festival 1980 on our birthday. (but Harv is nowhere near as ancient as me!)

Time wore on and the Royal Albert switched gears, and eventually I moved out.  Reviewing my options, I debated which was better – homelessness?  or sharing digs with Danny?  A coin-toss decided the matter, and Dan and I became house-mates.  We spent the next little while trying in vain to keep the floor under the rug at the notorious McMillan Avenue strip mine we called home.  Many strange days and nights indeed!  Thank God, brain damage blocks most of it out… and if Danny tries to tell you stories… well, it’s like the sixties.   “If you say you remember McMillan Avenue, you likely were never there. “  The roots of our friendship and our mutually bizarre sense of humour definitely stem back to McMillan, I’d say.  Good times indeed!
It was also then that Dan introduced me to Amos Garrett, with whom he had been playing.  This led to me playing with Amos a couple years later, including gigs in Vancouver –which is how and when I met your faithful narrator here, (Audrey) some thirty-odd years ago.  That was truly a Life Changing Introduction – so, thanks, Danny!

The benefit concert that Dan and I put together at the Rio Theater in October 2013  for Amos after he was flooded out in High River, Alberta directly led to Audrey and me meeting many of you here, (many of you volunteered and made the event a success) and this in turn blossomed into this last year or so of our fanatical obsession with the dance floor and The Bobcats! 
So, those are the original culprits in my Bobcat connection – Dan, Bob, and Harvey.  But not to forget the others who have seen active duty in the Bobcats… On bass -- Jimmy and Jean, both great guys who I not only enjoy listening to but love hanging with and obsessing over all things low frequency!   Both excellent keepers of the low rumble in the right key! 

And behind the drum kit  -  I do recall years back, when Daryl played drums, and the tip jar was labelled “The Samoan College Fund”. Somehow, I doubt very much was spent on higher education, per se.   I seem to recall Chris Nordquist would play the odd gig down there with you guys, too.  Most recently, with Harv’s retirement, we are getting to know Vic, and watching as the band continues to evolve.  Always a history of good solid rhythm from you guys, not to mention great vocal harmonies from everyone. 

To conclude -- David suggested I come up with a sort of “favorite” or stand out memory involving the band.  So many memories of dancing, listening, hanging out and yammering with you guys, of course.  The set you guys played at the Amos benefit was simply out of this world.  Since that event led to our many newfound friendships and our Habitual Offender status as weekly fans, it stands out and holds special meaning.  Not to mention that we all “paid it forward” for Amos!

But I also have a wonderful warm memory of the night of November 29, 1988 – long before the Bobcats were the BobCats.  It was the day our son Morgan was born, after a marathon 32 hours of labour.  Audrey remained at Grace Hospital with the baby, and I, being too buzzed on adrenaline to go home and sleep, wound up hanging with the Fat City band at the Lamplighter.  Bob, Dan, Dave Jonson and Adam Rohrlick, I think.

I recall the feeling sense of wonder that fatherhood brings, of thinking how different the future would be.  How much things would change. It is, literally an awesome feeling; awesome meaning “overwhelming….. humbling”

Looking back, that was a very good place to be that night, sharing life and music with my friends. 
And here we all are…  over 25 years on.  So, (raising my imaginary glass from across town) here’s to many more years of good times!  Keep on rocking, Bobcats, thanks for all the fab sounds thus far! 

Cheers, everyone.


Seventeenth Edition - October 20th, 2010 | back to top |

The BobCats have been the musical home for a number of great musicians since forming nearly 10 years ago. Two of these are longtime BobCat alumni are Jimmy Walker (bass/vocals) and Vic”Ringoletto” Bicego (drums/vocals). Though both are no longer fulltime members (Jean Savoie (bass/vocals) and Harvey Kostenchuk (drums/vocals) are the current rhythm section) both Jimmy and Vic will sometimes fill in for the others when the need arises.

These are always special nights as the mix of old and new musical combinations along with the occasional “Reunion” of the original lineup adds a little spice to the BobCat stew. The BobCats are happy to have this kind of flexibility amongst ourselves and we think you fans probably get a real kick out of it too.

Over the summer both Jimmy and Vic were part of the “stew” and it was a blast everytime. Watch for further alumni nights from the BobCats.


Sixteenth Edition - June 2rd, 2010 | back to top |

This coming July 22/2010 (Thursday) BobCat Danny Casavant will be travelling to Winnipeg to play a live concert show with Graham Shaw and the Sincere Serenaders. Danny was the lead guitarist and backup singer in this very popular and successful band from 1977 to 1980. They recorded their first album in late 1979 in Los Angeles for the Capitol Records company and it's release in the spring of 1980 produced several charted radio hit songs - the biggest one being the 1980 summer classic "Can I Come Near" as well as the singles "Roll All Night", "French Lady", "Just to See You" and "Northern Boy". All these singles were Top 10/15 in Canada and Graham Shaw was awarded a Juno in 1980 as "Most Promising Male Vocalist".

Danny's work on this great album was a "career booster"and he is very proud and grateful to have been a part of this great band and the music they played and recorded. They are reuniting on the 30th anniversary of the first album's release with all the original members at the McPhillips Street Station Casino for an audience of 500 plus fans who have loved them in the past and are eager to hear the band play again. If you are going to Winnipeg in that time frame click here to go to the McPhillips Station Casino for info on ticket purchase.

The BobCats have met numerous Winnipeg/Manitoba West Coast transplants in their travels and Danny would love to see you at the show. The whole event is being recorded (audio) and the media in Winnipeg is buzzing about this historic concert. The whole thing is part of a much larger series of events called Manitoba Homecoming which goes all through 2010 all over Manitoba. There is even talk about both the album that Danny played on and the second album release - "Good Manners in the 1980's"- along with rare Live and studio tracks being released in the near future. The images you see here are of the 1980 Capitol Records debut album cover - front and back. Danny was the bearded dude on the corner next to the cute blond!! Great music/great memories and a wonderful reunion of old musical friends! Hope you can be there!! If not, a dvd in future is probable.


Fifteenth Edition - April 27th, 2010 | back to top |

The BobCats recently attended a fundraiser at The Yale Hotel for local musician/producer/songwriter Mike Norman, who is battling throat cancer at this time. Mike is one of those extremely talented guys that plays keyboards, saxophone, bass guitar, guitar, drums and sings like a bird. He has dedicated most of his life to learning and perfecting his craft and has always applied his talents above and beyond the call to any project he is involved in. Even in his frail state, he played the house keyboards with nearly every act that played that night. He must have been "feeling the love in the house", because I've played with Mike many times on a number of different gigs, and I can honestly say that I've never heard him sound better. The depth of soul that I heard coming from his playing was, for lack of a better word, spiritual. The quality and level of musicianship was very high and bands like Chilliwack, The Odds, One More Girl, The Higgins, Dr. Strangelove and musicians like, Jim Byrnes, Mike Reno from Loverboy, Aaron Pritchett, David Gogo, David Wills and others, performed from 8 till the wee hours of the morning. They gave of their time and talents unconditionally, to a fellow musician who has brought more than his share to the party.

I'm very proud to be part of a musical community (locally and globally) that steps up to the plate to give love and support not only to it's own members, but also to donate time and talents to raise money and awareness for numerous worthy causes in the Lower Mainland and around the world. Yes, you could say we're giving back to the community, but artists give to their communities by entertaining and contributing culture on a regular basis and they're often forced to leave their families and loved ones to go on the road to contribute culture to other communities in order to make a living that is, well modest would be an overstatement. There is no dental plan, extended health care or travel insurance available to musicians. We do this because we love making music and really all we ask is for our audience to listen and show appreciation for what we do. When it helps out another human being or beings, it's a bonus.

If you would like to send words of support, Mike Norman can be found on Facebook. If you would like to offer financial assistance, please send to:

Mike Norman
44 Alder Drive
Port Moody BC
V3H 5M3

It's been many years since I won anything, so it was good timing that I won the 50/50 draw that night. It gave me great pleasure to donate my winnings to help Mike and I'm pretty confident that everyone there would have done the same thing.


Fourteenth Edition - March 7th, 2010 | back to top |

Does anyone have an Olympic-size aspirin for my Olympic-size hangover? What a party!

Canadians can be proud of how our athletes performed at the 2010 Olympics. Canada began the games never having won a gold medal on home soil, and ended up winning 14 gold medals, setting a record for Canada and the winter games. It seemed Alexandre Bilodeau lit a flame in all of us, because after his win the crowds really began to multiply in the streets of Vancouver and it seemed like a ripple effect across the country.

The great thing about these games, is that the stories behind the athletes trumped anything else that was going on, and that's the way it should be. The games started with tragedy on the first day with the Georgian bobsledder that was killed during trial runs in Whistler and what an emotional rollercoaster it was after that. Watching Alex Bilodeau win the first Canadian gold medal on home soil, with his handicapped brother as his inspiration. Petra Majdic, the Slovenian cross-country skier that skied off the course down a 6 meter embankment in a qualifying round, injuring her ribs and returning the next day to ski to a bronze medal and needing help to step onto the podium to receive her medal. Jon Montgomery captured a lot of Canadian hearts winning a gold metal in skeleton and walking through the streets of Whistler with a fresh pitcher of good Canadian beer in his hand. I think he could win in the next election for mayor of that town. And of course Joannie Rochette, and the strength and grace under pressure she showed after the passing of her mother upon arriving in Vancouver to see her daughter skate in the Olympics. I still get watery thinking about that. The crowning glory to the event was of course the men's hockey team winning gold on the last day putting Canada into the record books. There were many other stories that kept me glued to the tube for two weeks.

Overall, we didn't really "own the podium" but we did own the top of the podium and like good Canadian hosts, we shared the rest. We did however win the Olympics, as the country that wins the most gold medals is generally considered the winner and we did excel at more events then any other country.

The collective experience of wearing and waving the maple leaf, and the spontaneous outbreaks of O Canada is something this country needed badly and hopefully won't be forgotten for a long time. I'm an extremely proud Canadian. Always have been. I used to hang my maple leaf in the back yard. I think it's time to move it to the front.



Thirteenth Edition - February 1st, 2010 | back to top |

So, what's happening this month? Oh not much, just the 2010 Olympics, probably the biggest event in Vancouver since Expo 86 and, the BOBCATS WILL BE THERE.

Yes, we've been training hard for our Olympic performance at the Edgewater Celebration Stage. Danny's been walking every day. Jean's been hitting the gym. Harvey's been stretching his muscle. We asked BobCat front man Bob White what edge he might have over the other performers that night, he replied, "Smoking a Du Maurier King just before show time should give my voice the edge I need"!!!???

This FREE EVENT is sponsored by the Edgewater Casino and is located just outside the casino, just north of the old Plaza of Nations. BobCat performances are 8 pm and 10 pm. We hope you'll come out, catch the Olympic fever and help make this the biggest party in BobCats history.

February is generally considered the month for love. February 14 is Valentine's Day and if you're inclined to do something casual with your sweetheart that day, the BobCats will be at the Dover Arms from 4-8. We hope to make the afternoon a little more romantic by playing a set of Love Songs from our set list in our second set (5:30-6:30).

BobCats Top 10 Love Songs of All-time

10: I'm a Believer/Monkees
 9: You are So Beautiful/Joe Cocker
 8: And I Love Her/Beatles
 7: True Love Ways/Buddy Holly
 6: My Love/Paul McCartney
 5: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You/ Elvis Presley
 4: To Love Somebody/Bee Gees
 3: Have You Ever Really Loved A Women/Bryan Adams
 2: Wonderful Tonight/Eric Clapton
 1: BobCats #1 Love Song of All-time: Something/Beatles

Other BobCats gigs this month:

February 6 the BobCats will be out in Cloverdale for Joy's Singles Dance.

Please see "Gigs" page and poster for information. The BobCats are excited to be playing these events for Joy every couple of month throughout the year, with information always posted here.

For those of you out in Burnaby the BobCats will be at the Burnaby Firefighters Club, Friday and Saturday February 12/13.

The Yale will be hosting an Olympic series of local talent throughout the games with the BobCats performing on Thursday February 18.

The River Rock Casino will have entertainment every evening in Lulu's Lounge, as part of their Olympic festivities. The BobCats will be playing on Monday February 22 at 9PM.

The BobCats can be seen at the Dover Arms Pub on Denman every Sunday from 4-8 except Feb. 7, because of Super Bowl Party.

For times and locations please check out our Gigs page. Have a great month and pass the love around.


Twelth Edition - January 5th, 2010 | back to top |

Happy New Year!

The Bobcats hope you had a great holiday season filled with love and laughter and look forward to a productive and music filled 2010. At this time of year a lot of us have a tendency to make new year resolutions based on hopes to correct old habits and/or start some new ones. Well, the Bobcats are no different.

The band got a jump on some of these plans with a photo session in November which produced some new band photos that will be used as promotional shots for the various clubs and casinos around the city and also posted in "Photos" for your viewing pleasure. We'd like to hear from you regarding your favorite shots.

We have some future plans for this website and in the next couple of months we'll be working on restructuring and reorganizing the site. Part of the restructuring process is a video that we have "in the can" which was filmed at the National Nurses Convention last year. We'll soon be working on editing the footage to create a short audio/video montage of the band, to be used for promotional purposes.

The Bobcats also have plans for some "swag", in the form of t-shirts and other possibilities and are in the designing process with these products and hope to soon have these available for sale at our gigs.

With best intentions, we hope to write a blog(posted in "News") at the beginning of each month to keep you up-to-date with current events in the Bobcat world. This would include upcoming gigs, announcements, and general fun stuff about the Bobcats. So lets begin.

The Bobcats will be hosting an event to raise money for cancer on January 23, at the Maritime Labor Centre, 1880 Triumph St., Vancouver. The evening includes special guest Bill Mac on vocals. Bill is well known to many Bobcat fans and sits in occasionally to sing his brand of Rock n' Roll. Tickets are $20.00 each and can be purchased from the Bobcats at our gigs or by email at .

For those that can't make the fundraiser, the Bobcats will be playing this month in Burnaby at the Old Admiral Pub-15/16 and in Coquitlam at the Lion's Den in the Boulevard Casino-29/30. In addition to these gigs, the Bobcats are closing in on the 8th year of Sunday afternoon gigs at the Dover Arms on Denman Street in the West End. These Sunday gigs are always a hoot for the band and our family of fans. So come on down and join the fun Sundays from 4-8 at the Dover.

The Bobcats would like to thank Kelly and his staff at the Burnaby Firefighters Club for having us bring in the New Year. The night was a sold out event and we all had a great time.

The Bobcats thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at our gigs throughout 2010.

Happy New Year!



Eleventh Edition - November 4th, 2009 | back to top |

Hi Everyone,

It's great to be in The Bobcats, playing great music from my early days with old friends Bob and Danny and a new friend, Jean; my partner on the bottom end. The music is mostly from the 60's, and so are my drums. A number of people have been asking me about them, so I thought I should give you some history on them.

When I was officially asked to join the band, I knew I had the perfect drums for the music. Ludwig drums were used by many of the rock n' roll drummers of the 60's and have a very distinctive timber that can be heard in the music. When the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, Ringo Star's bass drum had the Ludwig logo prominently displayed on the front drumhead and was solely responsible for rejuvenating the business of the Ludwig Drum Company, by ushering in the largest boom in production history.

According to the serial numbers on the badges, the drums are vintage 1966 Ludwig (Black Pearl) drums. The snare drum is 1962 and a 14" floor tom (not used with the Cats) is 1963. I purchased these drums in about 1991, in Vancouver from Long and McQuade Music (where I've been buying most of my equipment since 1966 when, in Winnipeg, they were called Winnipeg Piano). When I saw them stacked up in a corner of the store, I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew I had found some real gems and quickly put down my deposit to hold them till I could pull all the money together. I received a call later in the day from the store, wanting to know if I was serious about buying them, because apparently the previous owner had traded them in on some shiny new ones, and it didn't take him long to realize he had made a mistake. I went down the next day with cash in hand.

Around 1997, the drums were stolen from the back of my vehicle while I dropped off my daughter at daycare. I was heartbroken! I filed a police report and proceeded to fill out my insurance claim. However, something told me I would find them. So I starting to frequent the pawn shops around the lower mainland and after 3 months of diligent searching, a couple of the cymbal stands surfaced at one particular store. Soon after, I received a phone call from a local musician who recognized one drum as possibly being my drum. I went down to the same pawnshop the next day and sure enough, they were all stacked up in the back of the store. With the help of a good friend, Oliver Conway (Oliver and The Elements/ Incognito), and with photos and receipts in hand, we were able to convince the storeowner to hand over the drums or deal with the police. So I was able to miraculously find them, saving me my insurance deductible and surely a future premium increase. I played these drums regularly until 2002, when I decided that the drums were showing their age and wearing out. I put them into storage and bought some Pearl drums which I enjoyed playing until June of 2009.

As I said earlier, I knew I had the perfect drums for The BobCats and in April 2009, I gave them to a good friend and drum aficionado Dave Gilbert, to restore back to playing condition. Dave took them all apart and re-glued the enforcing rings on the inside of the drums. He applied a new coat of black paint on the bass drum hoops. He packed the lug casings with cotton batting as well as cleaned and waxed all the outer finish. I decided to update the drums by replacing all the old brackets with new ones. The new ones look identical to the originals but have a larger wing nut and a memory notch, making them easier to a tighten and quicker to setup. Dave replaced the previous bass drum spurs (Slingerland) with original Ludwig spurs that I purchased via the internet from England. He put new drumheads on all the drums and tuned them up. Dave did an amazing job and I will always feel indebted to him for his care and attention to detail.

I wanted to have "The BobCats" name on the front of the bass drum, which of course was customary for bands of the 60's. One day it just came to me to count the letters in "Beatles", which was seven, the same as "BobCats". So, I purchased a new drumhead with the vintage Ludwig logo and used the same "bootle" font as The Beatles, with the big "B" and the descending "T" to create a vintage look and at the same time pay homage to Ringo and the most creative band in the history of rock n' roll, The Beatles.

When I brought the drums to the first Bobcats gig, the band was knocked out by the look and the sound of the drums and how well they fit in with the music. The band decided that the logo on the front of the drum was so cool, that we should adopt it for the website.

So there you have it, a bit of the history of my 45 year old Ludwig drums. The drums have never sounded so good or looked so cool.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Tenth Edition - June 30, 2009 | back to top |

Hi everyone,

The gig at the Kinsmen Rec Centre last Sat-June 27/09was a complete blast and everyone had a wonderful time grooving to the BobCats tunes. Special thanks to John Lusted for bringing the BobCats back again and again to rock the Rec Centre.

Here are a couple of newspaper articles that preceded the gig.

Danny Casavant



Ninth Edition - March 27, 2009 | back to top |

Hi everyone,

"Life is Change", as they say, and the BobCats are living proof of that. The BobCats have been playing for about 8 years as of this month, and there has been much growth and change in our time here in the Vancouver Live Music Scene.

We started originally as a 3 piece with Bob White (guitar/lead vocals), Danny Casavant (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Jimmy Walker (bass and vocals) being the original members of the BobCats. This went on for some time until we added our first drummer, Darrell Mayes, who played with us for about a year. Darrell had other conflicting musical obligations that made it necessary for him to move on and he was replaced by Vic Bicego, who also sang and played percussion instrments.

The next change occurred about 5 years into our time when bassist/vocalist Jimmy Walker felt the need to take a break from our rather intense schedule. He was replaced by Jean Savoie on bass and vocals.

And now it is time to announce the most recent change (as of March 23/09). Drummer/vocalist/percussionist Vic Bicego has left the BobCats. Darrell Mayes (the Samoan Wonder) - historically he is the original drummer with the BobCats (see BobCat History on our site) - has rejoined the lineup and is now our Sunday and Wednesday drummer, with newcomer Harvey Kostenchuk (the Uke of Hazzard) becoming our Friday/Saturday/one nighter drummer. Harvey is an old musical buddy of Bob and Danny's going back to Winnipeg in the 70's. We wish Vic all the best in his musical and personal life. Vic will always be a BobCat; - as is bassist Jimmy Walker who preceded him in moving on.

We welcome back Darrell and introduce newcomer Harvey Kostenchuk to the BobCats lineup!!

Danny Casavant


Eighth Edition - August 5, 2008 | back to top |

Hi everyone,

It's great to be back with the band.A lot of people are asking me how was Paul McCartney Well, since I was way too young to see the Beatles during Beatlemania, this was my only chance to experience it.

The day started with an early drive to the show, about 150 miles.On the way, all radio stations were playing Beatles or Paul's music and you could tell that most cars were going there too. It was like "I'm going to Woodstock" kind of vibes.... around 300,000 people were at the show. Go to youtube and watch for McCartnet quebec hey jude for an idea .. to see him live playing songs like Black bird,Yesterday, My love was like a religious experience to me. It's hard to describe are close to tears and it's the best feel good music.

And for the controversy regarding Quebec people not wanting him to play there, let me tell you first that it was ONE single politician who started that stupid thing and he was told by everyone in Quebec de se fermer la gueule, which means to shut the f*** up!!!

So I feel lucky because I was at the 2 best partys of the entire summer..Sir Paul and George's cruise with The Bobcats and Bill Mac. What a great party it was.By far the best we played all year.A lot of great time, great music and GOOD looking people.

Jean Savoie

Seventh Edition - June 28, 2008 | back to top |

Hi BobCat Fans and Friends. I have to apologize for being so tardy in keeping the BobCat News up to date. We've been very busy playing and sometimes things drift. Well now we're going to give you he latest news flash-to be followed up by the MEGA UPDATE I've been working on for quite some time-SOON!!!!

The BobCats have been playing all their regular haunts (see Gigs section of site for listings) but recently played a great new gig at the Tsawwassen Kinsmen Rec Center on Saturday June 21/08.The gig was a whole lot of fun and we met many new friends and new fans. It looks as if we'll be returning for a Christmas gig in December there and maybe even a Birthday Bash in October. A guy by the name of John Green took some great pics at the gig and we're going to share a few with you here for your perusal. I hope you get a kick out of these shots. Many Thanks to John Green for taking them and sharing them with us.

We'd like to invite any of the folks who saw us out there to join our Fan Club onsite (its FREE) and stay in touch with the BobCats. We send out a weekly online BobCat News to our fans to keep you up to date with our gigs etc. While on the gig topic-anyone interested in hiring the band need only email us at and we will respond.

That's all for now. MORE to come!

Sixth Edition - April 11, 2006| back to top |

Attention BobCats fans and Friends!!

This Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 8PM - at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir St in downtown Vancouver (around the corner from A&B Sound on Seymore) there will be a very special tribute to the late, and most certainly great singer, songwriter, producer and roots music icon Billy Cowsill. Billy passed away recently in Calgary after a long bout of ill health and he will be sorely missed by both his family, friends and fans. This show will feature the BobCats as a band unto themselves as well as backing up such luminaries as Bill Mac, Cathy St Germain, Doug Clarkson, Ray O'Toole, Mike Shellard, Dave Reimer and Faron Andrei.

Also on the show will be the Trainwreck Band comprised of veterans of Bill's 80's band members - Lindsay Mitchell, Elmar Spanier, Chris Nordquist and Danny Casavant(BobCat now! Guest artists with this lineup will be Gary Comeau, Doc Fingers, Jim Byrnes, Del Cowsill (Billy's super talented son), Colin James and Johnny Ferrera.

The third band will be the remaining members of Billy's very popular 90s band the Blue Shadows - Jeff Hatcher, Jay Johnson and Barry Muir. Guest artists with this band will be Barney Bentall, Bruce McLeod, Wendy Bird and Danny Casavant - he keeps coming back!!

Proceeds from the show and raffle will go to seeing that Del Cowsill gets to Rhode Island to attend the Memorial for his dad Billy.

Doors are at 6pm - rush seats/standing - Show time 8pm - 1am. Admission is 8 bucks for non-members of the Railway Club and 6 bucks for members. Donations are encouraged and graciously received once inside at the donation table. There will be a raffle for prizes as well.

This will most certainly be a great event not to be missed and a cause that would make Billy very proud and happy. If you wish to donate and cannot attend please email through our site and we will forward any contributions to Del's fund.

Hope to see you there celebrating the life of Billy Cowsill, with some of the greatest talent in B.C.

The BobCats


Fifth Edition - February 20, 2006 | back to top |

The BobCats Band was saddened at the news of Billy Cowsill's passing on Feb 18/06 at his home in Calgary. BobCat Danny Casavant played with Billy in his band for about 2 and a half years (1988-91)and recorded one track ( "If it Ain't aRockin') on the first Blue Shadows disc -" On the Floor of Heaven". After the Blue Shadows disbanded Danny played a couple of dates in a put together band to fulfill Blue Shadows' contracts.

Billy was truly a "one of a kind" musically gifted man. He sang, played excellent rhythm guitar, wrote songs, produced and released records and generally lived a life driven by his passion for music. He will be remembered and missed by many and the BobCats extend their sympathy and condolences to all his survivors particularly his 2 sons Travis and Del, his ex and Del's Mom- Mitzie, as well as his remaining brothers and sister.

The BobCats, while playing at the Dover Arms, dedicated several songs this past Sunday to Billy and will always think of him when playing Beatles or any classic country or Rock & Roll song that he loved as much as we do. When Bob White and Danny were playing in the 80's at Darby's one night, Billy stood digging their vocal harmonies til he couldn't stand in the audience any longer. He asked if he could join them on stage and proceeded to add the 3rd parts to several Beatle tunes - MAGIC!!

We will remember you Billy. Rest in Peace.

The BobCats

Fourth Edition - October 24, 2005| back to top |

The BobCats were happy to be part of the gala opening festivities of the new Choices natural foods market in White Rock, September 7th.

Vic "Ringoletto" Bicego, the BobCat's drummer/vocalist/resident Italian sex god is an employee of Choices Kitsilano store on West 16th and was the star of the show - lots of folks at Choices had never heard him play and sing!!!!

The band had a great time and enjoyed the excellent food and drinks as well as the friendly response from the crowd and Choices brass.

All the best from the BobCats.

Third Edition - August 15, 2005 | back to top |

The BobCats performed at the Elgin Hall celebrating Bruce and Terry's 60th birthdays and Nancy's 50th. A great time was had by all. Bill Mac guested on a few tunes and it was a great gathering of old friends.

Danny is off to Sorento to teach guitar for a week from August 15 to 19th.

The Cats will be rocking the Grand Opening of Choices Natural Food Store in White Rock, September 7th (Wed)
Open to the public. 5pm - 8pm.

Call Choices for info.




Second Edition - March 13, 2005 | back to top |

Welcome to the second edition of BobCats News. The band has been busy on many fronts playing lots of gigs and working hard at completing their web site construction. We appreciate your patience as this is a new challenge for our little musical minds grappelling with these digital tasks.

  • Speaking of Primative - both Danny and Vic (aka Ringoletto) have discovered the Wheel!!!! Well maybe that's a bit of an overstatement, but they both purchased wheel carts at Home Depot to move their gear and save their backs. It took a while but this technological leap should provide even more energy for their respective live performances - as well as playing music with the BobCats!!!!
  • Bob White has completed his live recording of his solo gig at Doolins Pub (recorded by Tom Lee's downtown Guitar Dept. manager Faron Andrei). Review of the tapes is in progress right now and mixing and packaging should bring the CD to market very soon. We'll keep you posted on this.
  • Speaking of recording - the live BobCats recordings, done last November at the Comox Street Long Bar and Grill (thanks Don - bar manager), are receiving their final tweaks in the studio and we're hoping to have product within a month or so available for sale at our live gigs. Let us know if you want a copy. We'll probably make this a limited run and probably do something in packaging to make them a special keepsake for our fans.


First Edition February 15, 2005| back to top |

Welcome to the first installment of Bobcats News. The first news is, of course, the launching of the BobCats' new web site that you're logged onto right now. The BobCats are all very pleased at this development and have enlisted the abundant web development and design skills of Rob McIntyre (a true hardcore Bobcats' fan) in the construction and creative design of this site.

  • Some recent events and happenings prior to the site launch need to be included to bring us up to date: In September/04 the band did a live video recording session at one of their favorite gig spots - the Comox Street Long Bar and Grill in Vancouver's West End. The Beach Group video crew (Nick and Ray), from Port Moody did the recording. They had recently done recordings at the Merritt Mountain Festival capturing such high-end acts as Dwight Yoakum.
  • The BobCats performed a one-hour plus set of tight and polished tunes for a full house of fans both old and new. Bill Mac was featured for several tunes and it was truly a high-powered set as the band was truly psyched for the recording.
  • Paul Herman, using his laptop and Pro Tools technology, was doing simultaneous audio recording. Along with the performance footage a full-length video interview with the band and Bill Mac was recorded, as well as extensive interviews with various fans. Samples of all these videos are available on site for you to check out and enjoy. Give them a look-see!!!
  • In November the BobCats did a second live audio recording session with Paul Herman at the Comox Long Bar and Grill. This gig was also well attended and many great tunes were captured. Subsequently Paul and Bob White got together and mixed 21 tunes from that night's performance. These are going to appear on the BobCats' upcoming CD.
  • In December the Christmas season was once more upon us and was hectic for everyone including the Bobcats. Along with their regular pub gigs a particular high point was the Christmas party for Rogers Radio Vancouver (Jack FM, Clear FM, News1130, Mountain FM and Star FM). It was held at the Westin Bayshore and was truly a gala event.
  • The BobCats won over many new fans that night. Special thanks to all the Jack FM crew who first heard the band at the Dover and to Marilyn Singer (Executive Assistant/Office Manager at Rogers Radio Vancouver) who handled the booking of the group for the event.
  • New Years Eve was brought in by the BobCats at North Vancouver's home of live music - the Rusty Gull Pub. The place was packed and the band rocked the night away for an enthusiastic dancing crowd. Photos of some of the festivities can be found on site [ videos page ]. Along with the Dover Arms (the Bobcats' Cavern Club) the Gull is really where the band was spawned and developed and this sense of history brought a particularly high intensity to the BobCats' performance. This great music ushered in what appears to be a very promising 2005 for the band and their fans.
  • The BobCats have been catching the eyes and ears of many of Vancouver's Media/Entertainment folks for some time now. Drew Burns, the man who operated the legendary Commodore Ballroom for so many years, is a regular listener at Bobcats gigs. He's heard more great live music than most people, and he digs the BobCats the most!! Arni May, who owns and operates two locations of Rossini's (one in Kits on Yew Street and the other in Gastown on Water Street) recently broke with his own tradition and hired a non Blues/R&B act for his immensely popular Saturday afternoon sessions at his Kits location: - the BobCats!!
  • He hired them based on the insider feedback he was getting from Drew Burns and his crew of music lovers. The result was instant success and the band will be back as soon as schedule permits. Thanks Arni and Drew et al.
  • Another local legend has become a Bobcats' fan from seeing them at the Rusty Gull in North Van. His name is Dean Hill, Afternoon Drive Jock at Rock 101, and he too has heard a few bands in his time on the planet. He was so taken by the BobCats' music and entertaining show that he has mentioned them and the Rusty Gull on air on his afternoon show on Rock 101.Thanks Dean. Keep coming back!!!
  • The BobCats entered another phase of gigging with their initial appearances on Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Lulu's Lounge in Richmond's new River Rock Casino, where they once again proved to be the right band for the gig. The management was knocked out and booked the band immediately for a 5-day run in January (23-27 Sunday to Thursday), a single Saturday night Feb 12 and another 5 day run in March. The dates were booked through Cathy St Germain. Thanks Cath!!!!
  • Check out our web site for March date confirmations in the near future, or while you are online right now, sign up to become a BobCats Fan Club Member [it's FREE] on our Fan Club page. You will then begin to receive automatic notification of all up-coming gigs.
  • On the sidelines of the Bobcats' band two of its members have been involved in other projects/gigs of note. Danny was involved in recording two music instruction computer software discs for PG Music. They were produced by one of Danny's musical heroes - the legendary and award winning Jazz Guitarist Oliver Gannon. The discs feature Danny demonstrating, and giving musical insight into the high craft/art of Blues Guitar playing. The discs have been selling briskly since the start of December when they were released and they are well worth checking out if you have an urge to improve your Blues playing on guitar. This project represents an acknowledgement of the depth and scope of both Danny's playing and teaching abilities.
  • Bob has been doing a solo gig at Doolins on Granville and Nelson every Monday and Tuesday night from 9PM to 12:30AM, and on Fridays between 5PM and 7PM. The bar is owned and operated by the Granville Entertainment Group who started the famous Roxy so many years ago.
  • Bob played The Roxy as the Sunday to Tuesday house band, The Surreal McCoys, for 7 years plus in the 90's, so he has deep roots with the Granville crew. He has just compiled a 2-day live recording session at the gig recorded by Faron Andre (manager of downtown Tom Lee's Guitar Department). A CD will be available soon. So if you're downtown drop by and catch Bob's act and say hi. The food is always great and the drinks never stop!!!

More newscome - til then - Adios from the BobCats' Newsroom.